Booster Car Seats – For when your baby becomes a big kid!

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Booster car seats are the last car seat that your child will use. But don’t rush into getting to this stage. In order to be following the laws, your child has to have outgrown the requirements on their front-facing seat before being moved to a booster seat.

According to AAA, the requirements normally include that your child be over 40 pounds, under 4’9″, be at least 4 years old, and at least 35″ tall. Outgrowing the front facing seat normally means the child is too tall for the harness system.

There are three types of booster seats. A cushioned seat (booster), a high-backed booster, and a convertible booster.

Convertible Booster (Harness Booster)

I’m starting backwards from my list, in case this is one of your first stops.

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A convertible booster is a seat that your child can use front facing with a 5-point harness, then use as a high-back booster, and lastly, as a booster seat.

The Graco Nautilus 65 is a great option for a convertible booster seat. Yourgraco-nautilus child can use it beginning at 22 pounds, secured with a 5-point harness system. It converts to a high backed booster and a backless booster, securing your child with your car’s seat belt. All the seat pads are machine washable, and the seat has open-loop belt guides to help you correctly position the seat belt. It is reasonably priced at $150.

High-Backed Booster Seats

Not all high-backed booster seats turn into just a booster seat, be sure to read the details when purchasing. Most are 2 in 1’s.

Graco Affix High-Booster seat comes with a LATCH system, providing a secure connection to your vehicle. It keeps your booster car seat securely ingraco-high-back-booster place, which can make self-buckling easier for your child! It provides full back support for your child as they continue to grow, an adjustable headrest, a storage drawer for snacks and toys, and a cup holder. It has an average 4.6 out of 5 rating.

Parents prefer this seat over other high backed booster due to the LATCH system. Most booster seats will work with just the seat belt in your vehicle, and the extra security puts their mind at ease.

The Evenflo Big Kid High Back Booster seat is another option that also turns into just a booster seat. There is 6 different height options on this seat whileevenflo-high-back using the high back. There is a large variety of colors and patterns offered, if you want to have your child help pick out their last seat. This booster seat is lightweight and very easy to move from vehicle to vehicle. It has 2 cup holders, and is easy to clean.

Booster Seat

If you have a convertible seat that can be used up until your child needs just a booster, then this option is for you. Buying just a booster seat will be the cheapest of your car seat purchases through the years.

They make lots of options for booster seats to help your child express their personality as they grow. They have lots of patterns, or even super hero designs!

evenflo-booster-butterflyHere is an Evenflo Car Booster Seat, with a cute butterfly design. It comes with a belt clip to be sure the vehicle belt positioning is correct. The pad comes off easily, and is machine washable. It only weighs 3.8 pounds, easy enough for your child to take from car to car. Other designs include blue flames and pop blue.


The booster car seat should always be used in the back seat. The safest place for children 12 and under, will always be the back seat!





7 Replies to “Booster Car Seats – For when your baby becomes a big kid!”

  1. I like the shape of Booster Seat. It is really light as well. You said it lasts for a long time but does it have the best quality price ratio? I mean is there any other product above can offer more?

    1. It does have very good quality. When it comes to purchasing a booster seat, the normal price is between $25-40, if you are just getting a booster. They are really quite inexpensive, and can take quite a beating for their price. My 7 year old has been using his Evenflo for almost 3 years and transferring it between vehicles and semis, and I can still wash it clean and make it look almost new.

  2. Do you personally recommend the ones that say they are the only car seat you need because they covert to every stage of your childs need? Sounds great and convenient but I dont want to risk safety for convenience either.

    1. I would say that depends on a couple of things. One, if you think your child will be really tall… and two, how much riding they will be doing. For example, I’m almost 6 feet, and my husband is over. I am expecting my son to end up being tall, and so far, I am right. So an all-in-one isn’t ideal for him, because we need the extenders for him to stay comfy while he is growing.
      If your child is going to be riding for long periods of time daily, you would be better off with extra padded convertible one, and then getting a booster later on.
      The all in ones are great for some parents, and safe. But convenience over comfortable for your child is also something to consider.

  3. Wow! I learned a lot, and just in time to buy a new car seat for my sister who just had a baby. Great information! So helpful and thorough. Now I am much better prepared to select the perfect car seat to meet their needs.

    1. Thanks for visiting! I can certainly write more on booster seats. It’s hard to say an age for a child, as the seats go off of height and weight. Most children will be almost 5 before transferring to a booster seat.

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