Buckle Me Baby Coats

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Ok, so a couple of weeks ago when it was below freezing, I wrote about the toddler ponchos. My son received one for Christmas, he loves it, all is well. Today, I stumbled across another amazing item for those cold winters. All these moms who take initiative and create these genius inventions, way to go!

So, what great thing did I find this time?

Enter: Buckle Me Baby Coats!

No zippers, no fuss!

This mom of three decided she had had enough. Winter is hard with kids. You have to drag around extra stuff to make these car seats as safe as possible. You can’t put your kid in the seat with a puffy coat on, it is NOT safe!

She decided the zipper is where the problem is. So, she removed the middle of the coats, and created side buttons. You can place the coat on your child, buckle them in their seat with the coat open, and then button the coat OVER the straps. Genius.

The coats are amazing because you can use them just as a regular coat. No need to continue to haul around extra blankets or an extra coat. Perfect for all kinds of wind, rain, or snowy weather.

Safety Tested.

Her coats passed safety checks in car seats on the first go around. Amazing. For this, she has won a Mom’s Choice Award.

Buckle Me Baby Coat in Blue

There are various colors and sizes available, although the inventory changes regularly. Don’t wait around too long if you really like one of the colors better than another!

She makes coats, hood less coats, hats, scarfs, rattles, etc.  Buckle Me Baby car seat coats solves a problem that so many parents have.  While they may be more expensive than a normal toddler coat, the convenience and safety is worth it.  (They run between $70-$80, available on Amazon and bucklemecoats.com.)

On her website, bucklemecoats.com, she offers a trade in program. So when your little one has outgrown a coat, and needs a new one, consider checking it out!

3 Replies to “Buckle Me Baby Coats”

  1. This is brilliant! It’s frustrating to have to adjust the straps and the child when they are all bundled up.

    I hadn’t realized that it was unsafe either! Good to know this info.

    This coat is definitely going on my list to get friends for baby showers. I appreciate you finding this and telling us about it.

  2. All I have to say is WOW!!. what an inceredible idea. Packed with a lot of useful information. I never new something like this was on the market. Now that I know I will be purchasing one in the near future for my little nephew. I love the Idea.

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