Car Seat Poncho – Winter Safety for your Child!

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Being as it is currently 13 degrees below zero here today, I thought I would remind you about some winter car seat safety. It is NOT safe to put your baby or child in a big snow suit or puffy coat and then buckle them in their car seat. If a crash were to occur, your child would slide right out of their harness. But, it’s cold, you want to keep them warm, so what can you do?

Of course, you can put blankets on top of their harness, and put their coat on after unbuckling. But what if there was a simpler solution?

Introducing: Car Seat Ponchos!

Birdy Boutique makes these amazing car seat ponchos, available on Amazon and on their website. 

  • CPSC Safety Compliant – No more worries about safety when buckling your baby over bulky clothing! It goes on your child over the buckles and seat belts.You can lift the poncho front to adjust the buckles, and then lay it over the top and tuck in the sides.
  • Save time getting in and out of the car. The Traveling Poncho slips on over your child’s head, the allows for extra room for a hat if needed, rest of poncho spreads over your child’s body for full coverage and warmth. The poncho is made of super warm soft fleece, it’s rectangular in shape and is shorter in the back to prevent bulkiness but longer in the front to provide warmth.
  • Kids have the freedom to move their arms or keep them under the blanket for warmth
  • Reversible, for your convenience! One Size, the poncho fits kids 6 months old to 2 or 3 year old and grows with them
  • Designed in the USA by a small company in Michigan, composed of two mothers who are sisters.
  • It is 52 inches in length, and 24 inches in width.


They have a variety of designs, for both boys and girls. Unicorn, mermaid, dinosaur, chevron pattern, etc! These can be a great gift for those of you living in the colder climates! My son received a dinosaur one for Christmas, and today will be a great test for his car seat poncho!

Keep warm!

4 Replies to “Car Seat Poncho – Winter Safety for your Child!”

  1. What a cool idea! I used to wear a poncho many years ago, but never thought of using it for a child in a car seat. It makes perfect sense to use it instead of a cozy blanket if the car is cold. Blankets fall off too easily with a small child, but the poncho would obviously stay in place nicely and would be easy to pull over any clothing too. I’m going to keep this in mind for my grandchildren as a future gift.

  2. OMG! I love this! Living in New Jersey through the winter it is bitter cold and snows constantly. I’m always struggling to get my daughter in her seat with her coat on. This genius! Thank you for sharing!

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