Target Trade-In Car Seat Program – Take Advantage!

Is your car seat set to expire this year? Maybe it is stained beyond repair? Did you know the from April 22 to May 4, you can trade in your old car seat at Target’s Guest Services counter?

Since 2016, Target has recycled more than half a million car seats.

What’s in it for you?

If you trade in a car seat, you will receive a 20% off coupon to use in Target or online at This doesn’t have to be used on a new car seat. It can be used on strollers, high chairs, play pens, and other select items.

What kind of car seat can I trade in?

Your car seat does not have to have been purchased at Target to be traded in. You can have gotten it from anywhere. They will accept convertible car seats, boosters, high-back seats, car seat bases, infant seats- any kind of car seat.

If you still have questions, you can visit their website at:

This trade-in program is a great opportunity for you to do some spring cleaning, or get rid of those car seats your kids no longer need, or recycle those expired ones in a great way!

Happy Holidays!


I hope you all had a wonderful holiday with your families, and got a day or two off of work! Maybe a family member surprised you with the joyful news of a baby on the way. Feel free to check out my posts for some great car seat or car seat accessories as a gift!
I am headed out on a much needed vacation from the 1st to the 7th. I will respond to any comments and questions as I can.

Have a great New Year!


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Britax Advocate Convertible Seat – One of the Most Popular Choices




The Britax Advocate Clicktight Convertible seat is one of the most popular choices that parents choose. It comes up on many websites when I was researching the best seats. So, let’s review it and see why it is or isn’t a great choice.

Why is it so popular?

The Britax Advocate Clicktight is one of the safest car seats around. It solves two of the most common problems with car seats: proper installation and loose straps.

Following the installation instructions is super easy on this seat. It is nearly impossible to install improperly. You can feel assured that this seat is stable when clicked into place. The way it is installed looks a bit different than most seats that you see, as you lift the seat up, and the belt goes under it. Britax-clicktight


Continue reading “Britax Advocate Convertible Seat – One of the Most Popular Choices”

Booster Car Seats – For when your baby becomes a big kid!




Booster car seats are the last car seat that your child will use. But don’t rush into getting to this stage. In order to be following the laws, your child has to have outgrown the requirements on their front-facing seat before being moved to a booster seat.

According to AAA, the requirements normally include that your child be over 40 pounds, under 4’9″, be at least 4 years old, and at least 35″ tall. Outgrowing the front facing seat normally means the child is too tall for the harness system.

There are three types of booster seats. A cushioned seat (booster), a high-backed booster, and a convertible booster.

Convertible Booster (Harness Booster)

I’m starting backwards from my list, in case this is one of your first stops.

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A convertible booster is a seat that your child can use front facing with a 5-point harness, then use as a high-back booster, and lastly, as a booster seat.

The Graco Nautilus 65 is a great option for a convertible booster seat. Yourgraco-nautilus child can use it beginning at 22 pounds, secured with a 5-point harness system. It converts to a high backed booster and a backless booster, securing your child with your car’s seat belt. All the seat pads are machine washable, and the seat has open-loop belt guides to help you correctly position the seat belt. It is reasonably priced at $150.

High-Backed Booster Seats

Not all high-backed booster seats turn into just a booster seat, be sure to read the details when purchasing. Most are 2 in 1’s. Continue reading “Booster Car Seats – For when your baby becomes a big kid!”

Car Seats for Special Needs Children


If you have a child with special needs, you might be wondering if there is seat options for your child above the standard one’s you normally find on the store shelves. There is, and they have been made to adapt for your child, and I have a few of the best rated one’s below!

Britax Advocate ClickTight

The Britax Advocate ClickTight ARB Cool Flow Convertible Car Seat has an average 4.4 stars out of 5. It can be used both rear facing and forward.britax=advocate-seat

There is nothing added on to make this car seat especially for special needs children. It has a cool mesh fabric to help your child be more comfortable on trips. The seat comes with extra layers of side protection, and has been highly praised on how well it stays in place in the vehicle and how well it performs in an accident. The head protection is outstanding. This seat is just a great piece of mind for your child through their preschool years.

The installation process for this seat is as easy as buckling a seat belt. You feed the seat belt through, and click it shut. That’s it. There is a Click & Safe Snug Harness indicator, which will click and let you know when the harness has been pulled tight enough to keep your child safe. Continue reading “Car Seats for Special Needs Children”

Car Seat Bases – A Second Helper

Graco SnugFit Base

I talked about how when buying an infant car seat, it comes as a carrier and all you have to do is click the seat into the base in your vehicle. You can buy a second base for another vehicle, or to have as an extra for Grandma’s, for a fairly cheap price. Honestly, it is much easier to have a second one installed and just have to click and go, rather than uninstall and move around the one base. It will help you keep your sanity to not have to worry about moving around two parts instead of just your baby in the carrier.

Graco SnugFit Base


Above is the Graco SnugFit base, which I reviewed the car seat base and carrier for in my previous post. Most brands of seats will offer a reasonably priced base only, just be sure that your car seat is mentioned in their information for compatibility.