Child Car Seat Accessories – Here to help you!

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After purchasing your choice of car seat, then what? Here is a list of some child car seat accessories that can be helpful to you, your vehicle, your child, or all of the above!

Seat Protector

These mats will save your vehicles seat for years to come. They are non-slip, and fit under an infant seat all the way through a high back booster seat. Car Seat Protector ExampleThe LATCH anchors can easily fit around them. It will help prevent scratches and dents in your seat, and also be easier to clean. Some varieties come with mesh pockets for extra storage.

Car Seat Covers

Multi Use Infant Car Seat CoverYou have lots of options when it comes to covers. Depending on what time of year it is, you can get thin material ones that multi function as a nursing cover and shopping cart cover. They are nice to keep your baby protected from the sun, wind, and rain.

They make heavier blanket material ones if you live where snow flies for four months of the year, to help keep your baby warm and dry on the walks in and out of buildings.

Backseat Mirror

Backseat mirrors are great for giving us parents a piece of mind. You can easily install one on your back seat headrest, and then be able to check on your little one in your rear view mirror. They are inexpensive, shatter-resistant, and adjustable.

Backseat Organizers

Backseat organizers are a great way to keep extra supplies, toys, food, or pretty much anything somewhere other than the floor. It will also help protect the back of your seats from scuff marks. They easily attach to your seat with hooks or straps around the headrest of your front seat. These are fairly cheap, so a great investment! Backseat Organizer Example

There will always be more!

If you walk through any stores baby aisle, there are many more child car seat accessories out there. These are just a few of the top rated accessories that parents ask for on their registries, or purchase for themselves.

6 Replies to “Child Car Seat Accessories – Here to help you!”

  1. Chandra,
    When my son was little, I wish I had a seat protector. The car seat rubbing in one place on the leather seats made a nasty mark that did not come out. The organizer would be a great addition also for extra things that you would leave in the car.
    What do you think of having some kind of music source for the back seat that is not the regular radio. Having soothing music can keep your little one quite for the ride without any fuss.

  2. When our kids were small we used almost all of those. They really helped!

    The only one I’m not familiar with is the mirror. How does that work? What does it give you that the rearview mirror doesn’t already provide??

    Our kids are grown now, but I’m saving all our accessories… and these ideas, for our GRANDKIDS! Now that’s speaking in faith!!   lol

    1. The mirror is great for when they are rear facing as infants because then you can see your babies face in your rear view mirror, instead of guessing what they are doing back there! 

  3. Really found the information contain in the blog post really useful. I don’t have kids myself but I will definetly tell my sister who has two kids to check the site out. The site is nice and plain I mean that in a good way. I don’t like site that are overloaded with content. Quick question who did you use for the pop up form it was really nice and eye catching.

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