Cybex Sirona M – 2018 Best Convertible Car Seat

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We’re at that time of year, awards season. There is an award for almost anything, and car seats are not excluded from that.

2018 Best Convertible Car Seat

The Cybex Sirona M with SensorSafe 2.0 has won at the Best of Baby for the Best Convertible Car Seat. This seat is nothing short of amazing!

It also won the 2018 Best of Baby Tech award for Safety. It is the first car seat to have a sensor and an app for your phone. The sensor is built into the chest clip of the harness.

What is SensorSafe?

The SensorSafe app is genius when it comes to the safety of your baby. It will alert you if the interior temperature of your vehicle is too hot,

or too cold. The backseat doesn’t feel like the front seat, and your baby can’t tell you yet if they are warm enough. This lets you know they are comfortable.

It will also remind you to take a break if you are on a long road trip. Just to take a little stretch and a break from the car seat.

And, when you have gotten to where you are going, it will send you a nice reminder if you leave the vehicle and the harness is still buckled. Nobody tries to leave their baby in the car, but sometimes when they are sleeping and quiet, and you are tired or busy, things can happen. This ensures no baby gets left in a vehicle.

(The sensor does require a battery, and it is included.)

Other Notable Features

Of course, there is more to the car seat than just the SensorSafe. This seat can be used starting at just 5 pounds, until your child is 65 pounds. It has linear side-impact protection which helps absorb up to 25% more impact in the case of an accident.

It also has no-hassle straps. There is magnetic belt holders on each side of the seat which holds the straps while you are getting your child in and out of the seat. (These are a much bigger deal than you think, especially once your child becomes mobile and fights you to sit!)

Cybex Sirona Features
Magnetic Belt Holders

There is 10 different positions for the recline angle, and 12 positions for the headrest. Plenty of room for your child to grow into this seat for years.

The Cybex Sirona M also uses the LATCH removal system for easy installation, and has the bubble indicator on the sides to let you know that you are at the proper seating angle.

Since this is a convertible car seat, it is attached to the base. You can’t remove a carrier like you can with infant car seats. (See related on car seat bundles.)

Other options to purchase with this seat include a cup holder, and an extended warranty on the SensorSafe.

The price range on the Cybex Sirona M seat ranges from $329- $425, depending on the color options you prefer. You can purchase the Sirona convertible car seat without the SensorSafe, for about $299.

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