Car Seat Safety – Help with Traveling

While most car seats have the same type of harness set up, it doesn’t hurt to have some information on how to properly buckle your child in. Car seat safety is important, you want to keep your bundle of joy tucked in correctly!

Infant Carrier Safety

Here are some tips for your babies very first car seat.

  • Don’t use your infant carrier as a replacement for a crib. Once you are home, remove your baby from the car seat and place them in their crib or bassinet. This will reduce the chances of SIDS occurring.
  • Don’t place your carrier on the top of a shopping cart, where a toddler would sit. Place the carrier in the big part of the cart. You could easily hit a bump or swerve and cause the carrier and you baby to fall.
  • Don’t place hanging toys from the carrier handle in the car. The toys could become flying objects in an accident and cause injuries.
  • Keep your baby fully buckled in, even when outside of the vehicle. Babies can wiggle and squirm enough that they could cause the carrier to rock and then roll them out of it.

Rear Facing Seating

Babies are required to sit in a rear facing car seat until the age of 2. Some states say the age of 2, or 30 pounds. State law varies. Manufacturers should also have in their instruction book their own recommendation on what height and weight their seat can accommodate to. There is no negative effect to keeping them in a rear facing seat as long as possible. Rear Facing Car Seat Image from the CDCBabies spines are still developing, and they could not sustain an accident in a front facing position, it could be fatal. The seat in a rear facing position, cradles their backs and protects them from harm, and keeps them safer.

Always put your rear facing seat in the back seat of your vehicle. Any seats in the front can cause serious damage to your growing baby if hit with an air bag.

Car seats come with harnesses, that can be re positioned as your child grows. There should be a variety of slots to remove the straps and move them up as they get taller. Some tips for using the harness on your child are as follows:

  • The shoulder straps must be at or below your child’s shoulders.
  • The straps should always lay flat without any twists in them.
  • The harness must be snug. You should only be able to place one finger under the straps between them and your child. You should not be able to pinch the straps into a fold once snug.
  • The top of the chest clip should be parallel with their armpits.

Common Mistakes

Some common mistakes with car seats are:

  • Placing your car seat in the wrong spot. Again, car seats must always be placed in the rear of the vehicle. If it is in the front, the air bag could deploy and hit the back of the seat, causing your babies head and spine to be injured. The best place is the center of the back seat, but on the sides is fine.
  • Having your child relined at the incorrect angle. The car seats will come with a “bubble” indicating the safest recline for your child. Babies need to be semi reclined to help keep their airways opened. As your child grows, the recline angle will also change. Be sure to read the manufacturers instructions on where the indicator is located.
  • Placing a heavy coat or blanket on your child. The fewer layers between your child and the car seat, the safer they will be. You can place a blanket over them once they are securely fastened in the seat.
  • Moving to a forward facing seat too soon. I know you want to be able to see and interact with you baby, but you want to keep them rear facing as long as possible.

Front Facing Seats

Front Facing Car Seat with Harness

Once your child is big enough for the front facing seat, be sure to use the harness, and also the tether strap. This strap should hook over the back seat of your vehicle. Refer to your owner’s manual if you don’t see this latch in your car.

As your child grows, you will eventually be able to remove the harness, and use the seat belt with the seat to properly latch them in.

Car Seat Safety – There is always help!

It is super important to properly install and use your car seats. After all, your babies life depends on it. Most hospitals or clinics will offer a car seat check up. Here, someone can help you check that you have installed the seat correctly, as well as teach you how to harness your baby in. These clinics will occasionally also offer a trade in on your seat when it’s time, and give you a discount on your next seat. They do this to ensure proper recycling of car seats, and to be sure no expired ones are being used unsafely. Be sure to ask your nurse if you have any questions, or would like some extra help.




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Car Seat Bundles – What are my options?

When it comes to car seat bundles, the search is vague, unless you know specifically what you are referring to. Do you mean an infant car seat with bases, or a seat with a stroller, or a grow with me bundle? There are plenty of options for you and your growing baby, and we’ll look over a few of them here.

Car Seats with Bases

The first car seat that your baby comes home in should be a rear facing one. Infant car seats are normally lightweight, have an easy to use carrying handle,Infant Car Seat with Base and an easy to use base for the seat to click in and out of. These are nice because you can secure your baby in the seat, and take them in and out of locations while still in the car seat, instead of disrupting them or waking them.


A benefit to the infant car seat that comes with a base, is that you can purchase an extra base instead of a whole another car seat. Like to keep at Grandma’s, or for your significant other’s vehicle. You will need to be sure to check the information on the base before purchasing a second one. You’ll want to make sure the brand and style name are compatible, as most brands are not interchangeable with other manufacturers.

Car Seats with Strollers (Travel Systems)

You can purchase infant car seats that come with a stroller, commonly referred to as a travel system. These are convenient, as the infant seat will click into the stroller, again not having to disrupt your baby. Then as the infant grows, the stroller will still be able to be used without the car seat, getting years of use out of it.

There are a couple of things to consider when looking at the travel system’s stroller. I live in a rural setting, with not many paved roads, so strollers with plastic wheels was not a good option for me. I found three wheeled strollers with rubber wheels was great for most terrains that I would be traveling on with my baby.

I also considered how easy it folded up, and how much space it would take up in my trunk. If it couldn’t be broken down, it wasn’t going to be an option, as I needed something to take on the go with me.

Most brands of car seats have their own travel system for purchase. However, there are some companies that offer an adapter for an additional price, that will allow any brand of seat to fit on their strollers.


Grow with me Seat System

Grow with me car seats are also called convertible systems. These seats are intended for multi use, while your baby grows into a child. They tend to be more expensive, but with the hopes that you will be able to use it for quite a few years.

A convertible seat starts out rear facing when they are still babies, and then can be turned around to front facing. Some can also be broken down as they grow and become a booster seat. Others will offer options like extenders, that you can pull out to give your child more leg room, and also extend the seat’s height as they get taller.

Most parents will start with an infant carrier, and then transition to the convertible system’s around six months of age or so. A convertible seat is much heavier than an infant carrier, and also much more bulky. They do tend to offer a lot more comfort for the baby as they grow, with removable extra pads. These seat’s are not as convenient to switch from car to car.

They are normally very easy to install though. If your vehicle has the hooks welded to the frame, called anchors, it only takes two clicks to ensure your seat is properly installed.

They call it the LATCH exampleLATCH system among all brands of car seat’s, and it gives you a good piece of mind that you have your child safely secured. The instruction manual that comes with your seat will certainly give you directions on how to properly install your car seat with the seat belt if that is the option that you need to use.

Booster Seats

Booster seat’s are backless or high backed seat’s that are used with just theHigh Backed Booster Seat seat belt of your car. These can be purchased separately for fairly cheap, if you want to have more than one around. Most of the convertible system’s can be broken down into just a booster seat. This will be the last car seat purchase you make for your child.

Children have outgrown the harness belts on their front facing car seats, and are then ready for the booster. The booster is only meant to be used in the back seat of your vehicle, never the front passenger seat. There is no installing them other than using the seat belt, as the weight of the child on the seat is securing them in place. Make sure they don’t place the shoulder belt under their arm or behind them, as that is not secure.

Safety First

There are lots of brands and lots of reviews on the internet about car seat bundles. The most important thing is the safety of your baby, but it is good to know the differences in the kinds of seats, to ensure you place them in the correct one from when their born until they have out grown needing help.

Car seat’s are constantly being tested and improved, and so they do have an expiration date on them. If you intend to purchase a used car seat, please check the expiration date on it, as well as inquire if it has been in any kind of accident. An accident could make the seat unsafe for another use. Safety is first!






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About Myself

Welcome to Baby Car Seats!


When I was pregnant with my first child, I had a lot of fun preparing his nursery, making my baby registry, and preparing to become a mother. While I did have a good time, the most frustrating thing that I had to shop for was a baby car seat. It was overwhelming. I purchased more than one seat, which in the long run, I didn’t need to do. I just needed an extra base, or a booster, or a grow-with-me system.


You want to keep your new bundle of joy as comfortable and as safe as possible in your vehicle. If you are like me, there is a lot of commuting each day between daycare and home. I wanted to make sure I was doing this new mom thing right. But there are SO MANY car seats and so many options.

There is bundles, which I didn’t know existed back then, that come with a stroller or an extra base. There are ones that can be converted into various sizes with the growth of your child, and ones that are only good for when they are infants. How do you choose? I’m here to help.


My goal is try to get as much information as I can to you, in one location, to help under whelm the shopping experience. I want to keep you in that fun, happy, new mommy preparing stage, and not have you waste your time looking at six websites reading reviews. Let’s just look in one location, and move on to the next item on your to-do list!

If you ever need a hand or have any questions, feel free to leave them below and I will be more than happy to help you out.

All the best,


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