Graco Extend2Fit Car Seat Review – Is it the Best Choice?

I’ve chosen to review the Graco Extend2Fit for a couple of reasons. One, is listed as Amazon’s Choice under baby car seat reviews. Two, it is the seat that I personally purchased for my son 18 months ago. So I wanted to see if almost two years later, it still stands up to its name, and did I make the best choice?

Graco Extend2Fit Car Seat

Price: $141.99 (on Amazon) Walmart is the only store that has the same price tag. Most online retailers have this car seat listed at $179.99.

Colors: There is a variety of six different color choices, depending on where you shop. Pictured is the Gotham color choice.graco-extend2fit

Warranty: You can purchase a 3-Year Warranty for $16. It will cover all mechanical failures, 100% parts and labor, free shipping on all repairs, and 24/7 Customer Support.


The Extend2Fit is a convertible car seat. It can support a baby rear facing from 4-50 pounds, and then forward facing from 22-65 pounds.

The seat padding is removable and machine washable and this is handy! My son has crushed up puffs and breakfast bar crumbs everywhere.

I was told that ND law states that a child must be 30 pounds or at least 2 years of age before becoming forward facing.

My son is pretty tall for his age, so the best feature I like about this seat is the extending parts. He has plenty of head and leg room to keep growing until he hits the 30 pound mark. I do not have it extended all the way, we are on position 3 of 4. The headrest has 10 different positions, and we are on 7. So it gives you quite a bit more room!

graco-leg-roomThere are 6 different recline options. 3 for facing each direction. This is great for those babies who prefer to nap on car rides, or those that want to try to see out the window. It’s all for their comfort.

The harness system straps move up and down with the extension of the headrest. So there is no re-threading the straps with each adjustment. It is a 5 point harness system, easy to use and very secure for your child.

Installing this seat is very easy. I have the anchors in my car, so I just have to use the LATCH system to click the seat into place. There is an easy to read level bubble on the side as well.

Another great feature that you don’t always think about, is the cup holders! They get a lot of use in my car. We take our water cup with us, it can hold toys, it can hold snacks, or whatever my child decides to bring with for the ride. Then whatever he needs, is within arms reach, and we don’t have to fuss and pull over and search for things.

This seat weighs 24 pounds. It is not super convenient to move between vehicles, as once it gets extended, it is obviously bigger. But with the easy install, it isn’t hard to move it around, just a bit bulky.


This car seat has a 10-year expiration date. I like this, as I can have a second child and re-use it instead of having to purchase another seat.

Rear facing maximum weight limit is 50 pounds. You can have your child rear facing for much longer than other seats.

Front facing minimum weight is 22 pounds.

Its capacity is 65 pounds, and 49 inches in height. This seat can be used for years, until your child needs just a booster!

Online reviews rate this car seat at 4.6 out of 5 stars.

Rigorously crash tested to meet US Standards, has also been side impact tested.



18 months later, I am still very thrilled with my car seat purchase. My son really does seem comfortable on the car rides, which makes us both happy. It really seems worth its money, considering I will probably get another few years use out of it before having to upgrade to the booster seat. Let’s say 5 years of use, that’s only costing me about $30 a year!